Import / Export of food products

Export as a new source of growth

Together with the expansion of large distributors in Europe, and the growing consumption in the States of Eastern Europe, small and medium-sized enterprises which do not have strong trade marks nor a network of sales abroad obtained an opportunity to find interesting possibilities for the exportation.

In the period of economic slowing down of the latest years, export becomes a new source of growth for European producers.


Owing to Teamex Europe commercial and consulting activities, it has started and nourished particular relations with many traders in Europe, both in the industry and the distribution.


We can help you to develop your export mainly in the states stated below:


- France, Belgium

- The United Kingdom

- Poland, The Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)

- The Czech Republic, Slovakia

- Romania


We have been also looking for partners to extend our network in other European States such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. (more information)

Teamex in Europe

An experienced team to help you

Depending on your demand, we may help you doing short-term concrete jobs (for instance, market analyses, launching a product) or acting at a longer term (for instance, commercial monitoring a foreign customer).

We are flexible as we adjust to your structure and your working rhythm.

The professionalism of Teamex Europe is based on competences and experience of partners verified in their product categories.

All of them have at least 10 years of experience in the food industry, either in production, purchasing or sales and they used to work with market leaders. They know perfectly well the production, the rules and limitations governing it.

Combined with numerous contacts, they also have highly developed analytical and negotiation skills , enriched currently owing to permanent being in touch with the market for which they are responsible. (more information)

Teamex Europe services

The cost of our services may be fixed or calculated pro rata to the turnover. After a first meeting and joint discussion on your project, we shall be able to present you our suggestions adjusted to your demand.

Below, you will find a list of our services for producers (it shall be treated as open):


Opening new markets
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Analysis and preparation
are two crucial stages for the success of export policy.

Teamex shall help you to structure your strategy through the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of your offer, current competitors, competitive advantage to be achieved , buyers or distributors which are worth of being granted privileges...

Each project is different and requires a deep market and distribution analysis before the negotiations are started.


The aspects from the field of logistic and legal provisions are also extremely important in the export business.

Assistance with negotiations
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Understanding of the customer and personal contacts
with buyers are the basis of success in negotiations.

Interpersonal relations play a crucial role when the buyers adopt decisions. It is our knowledge on the customer and its specificity, which allows us, to bring to the negotiations a decisive prevalence.


We assist you to structure your quotation (range/prices) and we shall advise you while negotiating the contract with your customer (terms of payment, budget, penalties, traps which should be avoided).

Well experienced Teamex team may represent you during meetings with buyers which shall help you also to avoid costly foreign travels.

Owing to our familiarity with customers and their procedures we shall accelerate launching of your product and and save you possible misunderstandings (hidden costs) after the stage of negotiations.


Production optimization
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Production of goods for export often brings about additional problems for the production and logistics departments.
Translation of documents and procedures, additional labels, specific packagings, management of stocks abroad... Are your employees well prepared to face these challenges alone?

Many exporters lose in their manufacturing costs what they gained on the sale price at the moment of negotiations with the buyer.

Teamex team shall help you to plan better the production designated for export and to improve its profitability. All our consultants are experienced in production and they shall be of assistance in negotiating with your customers so as to reduce unnecessary costs and to avoid claims.

Monitoring customers abroad
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Buyers expect more than only listing fees or good prices.
The service level, the promotion plan and the way you will solve problems became decisive factors taken into account when extending your contract.

Although product launching is often the longest stage, however, it is at the same time the easiest one.


Too many companies fail at one of the subsequent stages: raising of turnover level and profitability of the product, avoidance of disputes, quality and logistic problems, taking up opportunities of growth at the right time.


Teamex team may support your activity to anticipate problems, to minimize risks and fulfil the expectations of your export customers.


Our experts present in different European countries, shall allow you also to gain on the quick response and the proximity to your foreign customers.


Your partner in the exportation of food products


Increase your export sales, open new markets abroad, save time on searching distributors or buyers, and let experts in export/import assist you...

If you are convinced that your market is not limited to the territory of your country and if you are ready to structure a long term partnership with buyers abroad, do not wait and get in touch with us, to get more information.