Import / Export of food products

Import/export – no room for improvising !

We pay all attention to the quality of relations which join us with our customers, both with the buyers and producers.
Defined rules lie at the foot of our business, necessary to start commercial relations, and to keep them developing for many years.

There is no room for improvising in import/export so we check with our customers the proper understanding and full acceptance of these rules, which in consequence allows Teamex to be the guarantor of good standing of the companies which we present to you.

Each time we do our best to have a meeting with the decidents in sales and procurement, so as to avoid any possible misunderstanding, at the moment when the project of cooperation is started.

First of all, we help customers who strive at a long-term cooperation and whose vision of export converges with our values:

Respect of customers

Keeping up the given promise

Responsibility for undertaken obligations

What you need to know

• Modern export is implemented in the field through the meeting of customers and not in the office on the phone

• Competition in countries of Eastern Europe is essentially stronger than in the West

• In each country, you have to fight with very strong importers and local competitors

• The development of a project of exportation to hyper-supermarkets chains takes up an average between 6 and 18 months from the first meeting with the buyer to the first orders

• A product well-sold to a buyer may prove to be unprofitable, if subsequently the production and logistics are not properly managed

• Best customers are rarely those who pay most but rather these who buy regularly

• Export to chains requires a serious marketing support, the same or even more important than provided on your local markets

• Export for food industry depends mainly on production costs as the sales prices « are regulated » by the market

• Only permanent relations with buyers allow you to sell more expensively and, first of all, to produce cheaper

Teamex undertakes to...

... and you ?

Are you ready to create commercial relations based on trust and responsibility ?
To get a maximum efficiency in the cooperation between Teamex, buyer and producer, it is necessary to discuss several issues with each of the parties.

Buyers in distribution:

- a precise identification of a buyer's expectations with reference to quality, service level, price, promotion, budget

- declaring real quantity forecasts

- transparency in the field of cooperation costs (no hidden costs)

- in the case of dispute – contact with Teamex or supplier before some penalties are issued

- justification for changes in the range by the buyer

- keeping up the term of payment agreed upon with the producer

Buyers of raw materials for production:

- A precise drawing up of product specification (product card signed up by both parties)

- identification of proceedings in the case of claim

- declaring real quantity forecasts

- collecting the quantities ordered in determined time

- keeping up payment terms agreed upon with the producer


- keeping up product specification, approved at the moment when the contract with the buyer is signed

- timely supplies of quantities agreed in the contract

- immediate information to Teamex and the buyer in the case of changes, delays or problems, derogating from what was agreed upon

- quick and precise response to buyer's enquiry

- in case of needs – a visit at the buyer's together with Teamex

OK ? Let's go !

If you accept the above rules and are ready
to develop a long term commercial partnership, do not delay your answer, get in touch with us , to get more information.