Import / Export of food products

Better procurement with the Outsearch program©

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The development of the logistic network in Europe, upgrading of production tools in Central and Eastern Europe States and the adherence of these States to the Schengen zone created new opportunities for buyers of the food industry.


For this reason, we created the program Outsearch, the outsourcing service of procurement in the food industry.

Outsearch is addressed to the buyers (from industry or distribution sectors), who intend to import goods in a regular manner, with the priority for a direct cooperation with producers.

New reliable and cheaper solutions

    Owing to Outsearch program

  1. • You shall save time on sourcing and negotiations

  2. • You shall find alternative solutions for your procurement

  3. • You shall meet sure and verified suppliers

  4. • You shall buy cheaper

  5. • You shall use the experience and support of experts

  6. • The costs of Teamex services are covered by the suppliers

It is your decision at which stage you join the program



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Having defined your demands (products, prices, budget, logistics...) the Teamex team shall help you to find in Europe the producer who corresponds to your criteria. We shall meet these companies and verify their potential before an initial specification of suppliers is supplied to you.

Having experience in import / export we shall be of assistance to you in recognizing the risk related to the cooperation with foreign suppliers (logistics and legal environment aspects, problems in communication, foreign currency exchange rate, etc.).


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The knowledge and good understanding of suppliers, their production processes, priorities and limitations are the crucial condition for the success in negotiations.

Teamex shall be of assistance to you while structuring the strategy of purchases through the identification of possible negotiation levers, strengths and weaknesses of each producer and hidden risks.

Owing to our experience both in purchases and in production,, we bring into the negotiations a prevailing value.

To save your time, we also help suppliers in administrative issues related to the launching of the product (aspects in the field of logistics, legal provisions, preparation of necessary documents, explanation of procedures, etc.).


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Buyers expect more than only listing fees or good prices.

The service level, the promotion plan and the way you will solve problems became the decisive factors taken into account when extending your contract.

After the product has been launched, problems may occur with your supplier. Teamex shall not leave you on your own.

Unsatisfactory service level, quality problems, unjustified increase in price-list … we shall intervene at your request to help your suppliers to find solutions when facing difficulties in your cooperation.




Teamex Europe, a partner for your food products procurement

Enlarge your procurement sources by larger sourcing, gain time on your search, let experts in import/export assist you...

Moreover, in most cases this shall not cost you anything, as the supplier bears the costs of our services.


The professionalism of Teamex Europe is based on competences and experience of partners verified in their product categories.

All of them have at least 10 years of experience in the food industry, either in production, purchasing or sales and they have worked with the market leaders. (more information)

The Outsearch program created by Teamex Europe gives you a comprehensive solution and time saving in searching new suppliers abroad.

If you are convinced that your market is not limited exclusively to the territory of your country and if you are ready
to build a long-term partnership with suppliers abroad, do not wait and get in touch with us, to get more information.