Import / Export of food products

VegeSnack, an innovative range of vegetarian products

Since 2018, in cooperation with two production plants in Poland, we have developed a range of 30 vegetarian products intended for industry, modern trade and food wholesalers.


Both plants are BRC or IFS approved.

Our company developed half of the recipes below and we have negotiated the exclusive rights on sales outside Poland.

All of the following products are available for export as frozen IQF (with 12 months life) as well as chilled, MAP packed.


Why choose the VegeSnack range ?

x23 recipes 100% vegan

x19 products « clean label » without chemical additives

xNo soy in recipes

x27 frozen references

x22 chilled references

xWide range of packaging available (1kg to 2,5kg bags, 10kg in bulk, MAP trays)

9 groups of products



Vegetarian burgers, breaded or without breadcrumbs


7 vegetable burgers 80g, indian and mexican burgers,

Recipes based on spelt, rich in vegetables.

Products are also available in a 100g weight, with crispy corn breadcrumbs.



Vegan cutlets


Fluffy cutlets 55g based on millet and a dominant vegetable (carrot, peas, beetroot or mushroom),

Vegan recipe, without any chemical additives.

Quick and easy to reheat.



Veggie balls


Mild 7 vegetable balls or mexican flavor, more spicy,

Recipes rich in vegetables and grains.

Delicious with sauce !!



Vegetarian snacks


Sticks and vegetable cookies,

Snack products, small portions.

Quick and easy to cook.




Vegetable macarons


Macarons 16 or 22g, based on rice with additionnal tasty vegetable,

Vegan recipe without any additives.

Give color to your plates !



Vegan dumplings


Dumplings made from wheat flour, stuffed with various garden or forest vegetables,

Vegan recipe without any additives.

Can be proposed as a main course or starter.



Vegan pasties


Mini Calzone about 100g, stuffed with tomato sauce and cooked vegetable (mushroom, onion or carrot),

Vegan recipe.

Heat in a microwave, as well as in a traditional oven.



Vegetable tartlets


Tartlets stuffed with vegetable ratatouille, broccoli and cauliflower, or a surprising puree of carrots and sweet potatoes.

Perfect in combination with green salad.



Veggie pâtés


Vegetable pâtés available in a 300g portion,

6 available recipes, including eggplant, tomato, mushroom, carrot, spinach.

Chilled product, ready for spreading.


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